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About us

We have a solid international
experience providing services
in mining operation, construction
and infrastructure

About us

We work as a team, continually seeking the most effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Our constant concern is to improve our processes and make use of the most appropriate technologies. We work with integrity and commitment, focused on building a modern world.

This has led us to become one of the leading contractors in the country, meeting the highest standards of quality and safety to guarantee the successful execution of our clients’ projects.



Provide solutions for mining operations, construction and infrastructure to create value for our clients, collaborators, shareholders and society.



Be recognized in the Ibero-American market as the strategic partner of our clients.



Customer-focused orientation, teamwork, excellence, integrity, sustainability and innovation.


Over the years, San Martin has played a key role in the development of the main projects in mining operation, construction and infrastructure both in the country and worldwide.

Our history begins in the 1990s, in the midst of a complex social, political and economic situation, when our founders decided to take up the challenge in the country and create a company specializing in mining services underpinned by strong moral values such as honesty, commitment and respect, and these values distinguish us today.

Over the years, San Martin became consolidated as one of the leading companies in the field of services in mining operations, construction and infrastructure.

Year 1990


The merger of TRANSPORTES CARAVANA and CONSIDEX S.A., companies engaged in the transport of minerals and leasing of machinery, created COMPAÑÍA MINERA SAN MARTÍN.

Activities continued in the operation of Cemento Andino in Tarma and the transport of gypsum for Cementos Lima. 

CEMENTOS LIMA and CEMENTO ANDINO, now called UNACEM, contracted us to operate the Atocongo quarry and, as a result of the successful operation, broadened our contract to other quarries, located in Pucará. Today we are the leading contractor, with 27 years of continuous work and daily reaffirming our commitment to our clients.

Year 1993


A year of proactive acquisition of technologies and heavy machinery. The first ten 35 MT Wabco mining trucks were purchased and we significantly increased the leasing of heavy machinery for highway construction.

Year 1997


Work began on the Atocongo quarry owned by CEMENTOS LIMA.  
San Martin acquired a fleet of 100-ton Cat 777 off-road trucks, and 10 m³ hydraulic shovels.

Year 1999


Work was carried out at the principal mines in central Peru - underground mining for COMPAÑÍA MINERA MILPO at its Porvenir operation.

Underground and surface mining was carried out for VOLCAN COMPAÑÍA MINERA at the Andaychajua Ticlio operation and the Toldorumi open pit. Diamond drilling services were also provided at Yauliyacu, and the construction of a tailings dam in northern Peru at Quiruvilca for PAN AMERICAN SILVER.

Year 2000


COMPAÑÍA DE MINAS BUENAVENTURA joined our client portfolio. We provided earth moving services for MINERA YANACOCHA sites and developed the China Linda quarry for their lime plant.

CERRO VERDE assigned us their diamond drilling work.

The Shiran - Otuzco Highway for the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Year 2002


A contract was signed with Shougang Hierro Peru to work on the stripping of sterile materials. A fleet of 100-ton trucks and 12 m³ excavators was acquired.

Year 2005


Participation in the construction of Pampa Melchorita for PERU LNG, and expansion of the fleet for the Shougang Hierro Peru project of 150-ton trucks and 16 m3 shovels.

Our client GOLD FIELDS contracted our services to develop the mine and quarries at Cerro Corona, where we continue to work.

Construction of preliminary works for GOLD FIELDS.

Year 2007


Our company name changed to SAN MARTÍN CONTRATISTAS GENERALES.

We began construction of El Platanal hydroelectric station.

With the objective of investing in a larger fleet of mining equipment to serve the industry, we set up a first issue of private bonds on the international markets (London).

Year 2009


As part of a client diversification process, MAPLE ENERGY assigned us the contract to clear and prepare 8,500 hectares.

Reengineering of processes by an international consultancy firm.

Year 2010


We secured contracts for the construction projects of Pucamarca for MINSUR and of Toromocho operated by MINERA CHINALCO PERU, and to develop the mining project of Tantahuatay operated by COMPAÑÍA MINERA COIMOLACHE.

Year 2011


We secured a new construction contract with FREEPORT PERU, at its Cerro Verde mine, to build a leaching pad over 100 hectares.

We began open pit mining operation services for MINERA COIMOLACHE in Cajamarca.


EMPRESAS ICA, S. A. B. DE C. V., one of the largest construction companies in Mexico, bought 51% of the shares in San Martin. The objective was to reinforce San Martin’s Construction and Infrastructure Unit through ICA’s more than 65 years of experience in the Mexican and Latin American market.

Year 2013


As a result of our leadership in the mining industry, we secured a number of contracts for new projects. These include contracts with BUENAVENTURA, at its Tantahuatay mine, to continue mining and to build the leaching pad, and with SOUTHERN PERU for the construction of new Phase I warehouse in the concentrates yard at the port of Ilo, Moquegua.

Year 2014


We continued with new projects with FREEPORT PERU, at Cerro Verde, to undertake earth moving works and the construction of offices.

We began our internationalization process with the contract for our first international work, with FIRST QUANTUM in Seville, Spain.

Year 2015


The Siucho Group bought a 20% share of ICA, and became majority shareholder of SM.

CEMENTOS PACASMAYO granted us the contract to manage its quarry in Piura.

We signed a new contract with COMPAÑÍA DE MINAS BUENAVENTURA S.A. for earth moving and civil works, as well as the installation of structures and equipment for the Tambomayo plant.

We also entered into the contract to build the manufacturing plant for forged steel grinding balls for the MOLY-COP ADESUR mill.

Year 2016


CEMENTOS ARGOS granted us the first Project in Colombia, for operating the quarry at Medellin.

MINERA YANACOCHA S.R.L. granted us the contract to build a sand mill dam, developed in consortium with a local company.

A second construction contract was signed with Buenaventura for the tailings basin at the Tambomayo project.

CEMENTOS PACASMAYO granted us the mining development contract for its Tembladera project.

We signed a construction contract with MINERA AREAS for its Inmaculada Project.

Year 2017


The Siucho Group bought ICA’s total share in the company.

We won our second Project in Colombia with OMYA Andina.

A new bond issue was launched on the Lima Stock Exchange.

We renewed our image, which opens the way to great changes...

Cultura San Martín

The San Martin

Honesty and ethical behavior are fundamental to our culture. Our code of ethics helps promote these values among our own people as well as to our strategic partners. This allows us to ensure that the work we develop not only meets the highest standards of quality but is also carried out under the strictest ethical standards.

Sistema de Cumplimiento

Con el objetivo de mantener los más altos estándares éticos en nuestra operación, contamos con un Sistema de Cumplimiento conformado por los siguientes pilares:

A través de nuestro Sistema de Cumplimiento reafirmamos nuestro compromiso continuo con la transparencia y nuestra cultura basada en la ética y prevención. Rechazamos enfáticamente cualquier acción, práctica y/o conducta contraria a las normas vigentes en materia de prevención de delitos, lavado de activos, financiamiento del terrorismo y actos de corrupción, libre competencia o al marco legal en general.
Sistema de Prevención de Lavado de Activos y Financiamiento al Terrorismo (SPLAFT)
Ha sido implementado con la finalidad de prevenir actos relacionados con el lavado de activos y financiamiento del terrorismo (LAFT).
Modelo de Prevención
Certificado bajo la Norma ISO 37001 (Antisoborno) tiene como fin prevenir, reportar y responder de manera oportuna ante actos relacionados con corrupción y LAFT.
Programa de Cumplimiento de Libre Competencia
Tiene el propósito de fomentar una cultura de respeto de las normas de Libre Competencia en el desarrollo de nuestras actividades y, con ello, mitigar la exposición a riesgos de conductas anticompetitivas.


We hold international certifications of quality, safety and environment.

These guarantee the optimal execution of each and every one of our projects.
ISO 9001:2015
Certificación del Sistema de Gestión de Calidad
Se centra en todos los elementos de administración de calidad necesarios para administrar y mejorar la calidad de los productos o servicios ofrecidos.
ISO 45001: 2018
Certificación del Sistema de Gestión de Seguridad y Salud Ocupacional
Se centra en el control de riesgos para la seguridad y salud en el trabajo (SST), y en la mejora del desempeño de la SST.
ISO 14001:2015
Certificación del Sistema de Gestión Ambiental
Se centra en mejorar la forma de reducir el impacto de las operaciones en el medio ambiente, lo que puede crear beneficios internos al emplear los recursos eficientemente.
ISO 37001:2016
Certificación del Sistema de Gestión Antisoborno
Se centra en una serie de medidas implementadas para ayudar a prevenir, detectar y tratar el soborno.
Countries where we operate
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